Strategies to Achieve Social Impact
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We are committed to addressing complex social problems by heightening our clients understanding of their collaborative role in society; we help them strengthen strategy, build capacity, and advance assessment and evaluative learning.


We envision an effective social sector that addresses society’s complex problems through a collaborative approach that harnesses the diverse skills, energy, and visions of its stakeholders.


Our approach is governed by the need to establish a clear and engaging consulting process that offers structure and predictability as well as flexibility to meet unforeseen needs. Working in multidisciplinary teams, TCC Group tailors each new assignment to meet the individual needs and circumstances of the client. We develop a scope of work that responds to the particular challenges, timetable, and budget for the assignment.

Sometimes clients engage us for short-term research, problem solving, or facilitation. Other times we provide comprehensive planning and evaluation assistance over a longer period or conduct other activities, including program evaluation, over multiple years. Increasingly, TCC Group helps clients manage and implement their work and provides advice on an ongoing basis. We bring to each new assignment the perspective of our expertise, broad experience, and the enthusiastic commitment to get the job done right.

Each project we undertake benefits from a team approach that involves individuals with different skills and backgrounds. TCC Group consultants have extensive experience in fields such as human services, youth development, arts and culture, education, advocacy, international studies, and economic development. Our consultants also have strong analytical, research, and group facilitation skills.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The firm values diversity of all types including but not limited to diversity of race, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic background and religion. We also value diversity in outlook and career experience. We do so because we believe that individuals should be valued for who they are and the qualities and skills they bring to the organization. We value the spectrum of perspective that comes with diversity, for this enriches our capacity to work as a team and to better serve our clients by more accurately reflecting who they are and sensitizing us to their concerns.

Our success in achieving a goal of diversity will be enhanced by:

  • Setting achievable goals and holding ourselves accountable;
  • Analyzing the firm's recruitment process and putting in place operating procedures that are sensitive to and supportive of diversity;
  • Looking beyond the numbers to create an environment that nurtures diversity by understanding the needs and priorities of our colleagues;
  • Building diverse and effective teams;
  • Developing a culturally competent staff; and
  • Valuing and rewarding diversity in strengths and unique contributions to the firm.

TCC Group is pleased to be a Certified B Corporation, recognized for work that meets higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We are passionate about helping the social sector achieve greater impact.

Certified B Corporation


Founded as The Conservation Company in 1980, TCC Group has evolved steadily from a small group of three consultants working in Philadelphia to a full-time consulting practice of more than 30 seasoned professionals today. With offices in New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, the firm works in local, national, and international settings.

Whatever the scope of the assignment, TCC Group continues to fulfill its historic aim to provide smart, strategic counsel to nonprofit, philanthropic, corporate, and governmental clients, helping each organization identify opportunities, solve problems, and plan for the future.