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Colleen Wong

Colleen Wong Analyst

Education: BA, Neuroscience, Religion, & Society at Boston University; Adv. Dipl., Monitoring and Evaluation: Project Management for the UN, Government, and NGOs at New York University

Colleen joined TCC Group from Amnesty International USA where she assisted with research on gun violence, immigration, and the right to peaceful protest. With a background in neuroscience, religion, health, and human rights research, Colleen brings a unique combination of insights regarding human behavior and social change. As an analyst at TCC Group, Colleen currently provides programmatic support for ViiV Healthcare and Ascena Retail Group using a holistic and innovative data-driven approach.

Prior to Amnesty, Colleen developed a communications plan for Mercy Corps Myanmar to help them integrate their programs, foster a culture of learning and collaboration, and align their efforts with a strategic plan that reflects the country's recent shift towards democracy. She has also worked on projects regarding social and behavioral change communication (SBCC) and campaigned for social causes.

In addition to her communications experience, Colleen has assisted with a wide range of research projects, including violence against women, healthcare disparities, religious cognition, aging, and space biology. She is insatiably curious and always seeking to uncover actionable insights that reach beneath the surface and breach conventional boundaries. Currently, she is most interested in corporate social responsibility and sustainable market development in marginalized societies.

When not at TCC Group, you can find Colleen scouring the streets for the most authentic eats.

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