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Rose Konecky

Rose Konecky Evaluation Consultant

Education: MA University of Houston, Political Science and Methodology; BA Washington University in St. Louis, Political Science and History

As an evaluation consultant at TCC Group, Rose Konecky has experience with all stages of evaluation projects, including evaluation design, implementation, analysis, and reporting.

Rose is skilled and experienced in the evaluation of various types of organizations, including those focused on capacity building, arts audience development, childhood literacy, food security, and many others. Through her work with Youth INC, the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, the Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise (PACE), Marin Community Foundation, and the Irvine Foundation, Rose has proficiency evaluating capacity-building support provided by foundations to a cohort of grantees.

She has worked extensively with evaluation clients in multiple sectors. In the corporate sector, she has conducted evaluation planning with Credit Suisse and grants application management with ViiV Healthcare. In the philanthropic sector, she worked with the results of a very large survey for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Campaign for Action to improve the nursing field. Through her work, she turned the survey results into informative state-specific findings reports for over forty states. And in the nonprofit sector, she worked with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), the Kansas Leadership Center, and, to name a few.

Rose also has extensive experience creating high-quality tools that organizations use to learn and improve their operations. While working closely on the evaluation of Target’s charitable giving programs, she has created many evaluation “scorecards” that provide a thorough, yet concise, snapshot of their grantees’ program implementation. Products like these not only help grantmakers’ decision-making processes, but also allow grantmakers to better define and clarify their funding decisions.

Rose has a deep understanding of data management and data analysis. This experience comes from both her previous service as a data manager as well as experience with data analysis at TCC Group. In her previous employment at New England Research Institutes in Watertown, MA, she created the electronic data collection layout and procedures for medical and sociological studies with as many as 5,000 participants. While at TCC, Rose has implemented many surveys and is able to anticipate the challenges that may accompany survey implementation, including insuring significant response rates, crafting meaningful metrics, and gathering complete and useable data. Rose has years of experience with statistical software, including STATA and SPSS.

Rose holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science and History, and her graduate degree is in Political Science Data Methodology. During her graduate studies, she analyzed electoral polling data with up to 90,000 respondents. While attending graduate school, Rose worked at the University of Houston Center for Public Policy, analyzing the results of statewide public policy survey data. Her analysis was presented to state legislators to inform policy decision-making.

Rose’s panels and discussions have been presented at the annual American Evaluation Association conference every year since she joined TCC. These presentation topics have included TCC’s Five Dimensions of Impact Investing and Tying Rigorous Portfolio Evaluation to Grantmaking Activities with a “Learning Loop”. Her honors and awards include the University of Houston Presidential Fellowship,the Washington University Eliot Scholarship, and the Dean’s List at Washington University in St. Louis.

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