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Programs / Grants Management

At TCC Group, we value and recognize the different needs funders have at various stages of development. Our services are customized for each funder, and our focus is on ensuring each unique approach achieves the highest possible impact.

TCC Group provides program and grants management services to private and corporate funders. Funders engage with TCC to develop, implement, manage, and evaluate program and grantmaking initiatives in order to advance their social impact agenda, streamline their internal structure, reduce costs, and leverage TCC's variety of expertise. Such "full-service" outsourcing allows funders to build their capacity with a range of professional support and utilize TCC's depth of experience, and specialized skills gained from managing more than $25 million in program grants annually. We also provide program implementation services to manage the day-to-day "customer service" for cohorts of grantees and portfolios of programs. By partnering with TCC Group, our clients are able to:

  • Reduce the administrative burden on staff and minimize overhead costs
  • Ensure staffing capacity at certain times of the year to absorb the review and management of increasing applicant pools
  • Have greater objectivity on applicant eligibility and effectiveness
  • Develop closer and more constant relations with their grantee partners and other stakeholders
  • More effectively align their grants and programs with their organizational strategy
  • Provide specialized services and expertise to grantees, such as capacity building (at the cohort and individual level)
  • Identify and react to grantee needs in a timely and efficient fashion
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In Practice

The Ohrstrom Foundation, a client for almost 15 years, is a multi-generational 30-plus member organization with a mission to build strong and healthy families and communities, and to protect cultural and natural resources. TCC Group’s role encompasses providing ongoing administration and grantmaking support to governance planning, next generation engagement, program strategy, grant assessment, and operations planning. Through our day-to-day management of the Foundation, we have been able to identify and address emergent issues, drawing on our experience working with family foundations to develop solutions that balance effective philanthropy with family engagement.

TCC Group has worked with ViiV Healthcare since its inception in 2009 to help them design, develop and manage several giving programs. Their signature HIV/AIDS program – the Positive Action Southern Initiative – particularly focuses on marginalized populations in the Southern US, providing strategic funding and evaluation, as well as networking and capacity-building opportunities, to organizations working on HIV/AIDS issues. TCC Group manages the grants process and both manages and facilitates the Network and Network activities for the Positive Action Southern Initiative; including developing the grants calendar, grants management and internal review, ongoing monitoring, Network Convenings, a webinar series, and ongoing project management. TCC Group also manages ViiV Healthcare’s Community Grants Program, which offers grants ranging from $5,000 to $1,000,000 to AIDS service organizations across the United States and Puerto Rico to support them in general operations, educational activities, and fundraising events. The full $4.5 million portfolio is operated in two cycles and totals around 70 grants on an annual basis.