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Programs / Grants Management

TCC Group provides program and grants management services to private and corporate philanthropies. Increasingly, funders are looking to TCC to implement and manage grantmaking initiatives in order to streamline their internal structure, reduce costs, and leverage TCC's expertise. Such "full-service" outsourcing allows funders to receive both professional advice and program execution in a timely manner, while benefiting from TCC's experience, scale, and specialization gained from managing more than $20 million in program grants annually. We also provide program implementation services to manage the day-to-day "customer service" for a cohort of grantees or a portfolio of programs. By partnering with TCC, our clients are able to:

  • Reduce the administrative burden on staff and keep overhead costs down
  • Have greater objectivity on applicant eligibility and effectiveness
  • Develop closer relations with their grantee partners and other stakeholders
  • Provide specialized services and expertise to grantees, such as capacity building

Our services include:

  • Conducting needs assessments to ensure that grant strategies are effective, including a review of materials, systems, and staffing
  • Devising and refining grantmaking strategies to make the best use of available resources by adopting a more strategic approach that is aligned with the funder's mission
  • Managing the proposal process by identifying appropriate funding recipients and distributing the RFP. Once applications are submitted, TCC can review them, screen for the first cut, and perform "due diligence" before making recommendations for funding;
  • Launching proposals and managing grants, including drafting grant announcements, creating grants agreements, processing grant checks, and drafting grant summaries
  • Evaluating grants and programs to measure core outcomes, thereby capturing evidence of a funder's impact
  • Coordinating and providing customized technical assistance for a grantee or cohort of grantees in various organizational development areas
  • Implementing programs and strengthening grantee relationships by providing ongoing services to liaise regularly with grantees, including: managing grantmaking and program budgets, updating key internal and external stakeholders, and coordinate other program partners, such as capacity-building consultants, event-planning teams, and evaluators.

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In Practice

Since 2005, TCC Group has handled all administrative and programmatic functions for The Ohrstrom Foundation, a private family foundation. We manage the Foundation's competitive (non-discretionary) grantmaking cycle, which awards just under $1 million each year to organizations that build strong and healthy families and communities and/or protect cultural and natural resources. We also work closely with the three family groups that comprise the Foundation's members, to help them develop policies and guidelines for approximately $3 million in annual discretionary grantmaking. We have also assisted with board restructuring and by-laws revision as family involvement and needs have changed.

TCC Group managed the Freeman Foundation's Asian Immigrant and Refugee Economic and Education Opportunity Program from 1997 to 2008, when it ended after making over $10.4 million in grants to 21 organizations. The first phase of the program involved a needs assessment. Phase Two identified four cities for programs to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) to recent Asian immigrants. In the third phase, TCC designed an RFP based on programmatic interests, anticipated financial commitment and community needs, and disseminated it to organizations and intermediaries. A later phase entailed another round of RFPs and grantmaking to new organizations. Throughout the project, we conducted site visits, recommended grants, monitored progress and assessed results.

TCC Group assisted the Pfizer Foundation in developing and implementing capacity-building plans for 23 grantees in the Southern HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiative. In addition, TCC coordinated annual grantee convenings for the Foundation's Alliance for a Healthy Border, Global Health Partnerships, Mobilize Against Malaria and ConnecHIV programs.