Strategies to Achieve Social Impact
TCC Group Strategy Programs/Grants Management Capacity Building Evaluation

Corporate Program & Grants Management Services

TCC values the unique resources, expertise, and capacities each company has to make an impact on society.

We partner with companies to design and develop customized programs, often providing support in the program administration and management. TCC Group works with company leadership to align programs with key drivers and stakeholder expectations, as well as engaging employees. By leveraging our array of expertise – from corporate citizenship framework development, to nonprofit partnerships and capacity building, to evaluation and the development of outcomes frameworks – TCC Group draws upon our unique skills to support companies in their program design and development, grantmaking administration, partnership and network development, cohort management, and more to help companies achieve their social and business impact goals.

Our services include:

  • Program Planning and Design
    • Developing programmatic goals and approach and appropriate structure and processes for high impact programs
    • Completing benchmarking research, literature reviews, and field scans
    • Developing, coordinating, and employing advisory committees
  • Program Development
    • Approach
      • Identifying partners and providing assessments on available resources
    • Structure and Processes/Systems
      • Building and establishing tools and technology platforms for the giving process
      • Building processes for application submission, review, approval, and implementation
      • Communication planning for program announcement, outreach to key stakeholders, employee engagement, and ongoing program administration
      • Data collection and analysis planning
      • Cultivating and planning network / cohort activities aligned with program strategies
  • Program Management
    • Partnership / grantee management
      • Conducting relationship management with applicants, grantees, decision makers, funders, and staff
      • Facilitating network / cohort activities, including webinars, workshops, summits, online portals, survey administration, technical assistance, among other related support
      • Providing technical assistance and capacity building for grantees
    • Systems Management
      • Maintaining tools, processes, systems, and data storage
      • Preparing material, facilitating discussion, and documenting processes for internal decision-making meetings
    • Team Management
      • Ongoing internal coordination and management
  • Grants Administration
    • Application Process
      • Managing the entire application/proposal process, from announcing deadlines and tracking submissions to overseeing approval decisions and designing grant and decline letters
    • Review Process
      • Reviewing applications for completion
      • Performing “due diligence” for application eligibility, reputation, and financial history, including site visits
    • Payment Process
      • Coordination with grantees for submission of financial paperwork
      • Preparing financial documents and managing the payment process
    • Reporting Process
      • Coordinating and maintaining grant reports, as well as collecting data for use in program evaluation, communications, and storytelling
  • Program Evaluation
    • Analyzing and reporting impact of grantees, programs, and the entire portfolio
    • Conducting and analyzing listening sessions and surveys with key stakeholders to inform program strategy and design
  • Communications & Storytelling
    • Conducting ongoing communications from announcements, to fielding basic applicant and grantee questions, to making decision announcements
    • Building structures for internal and external communication that showcase programs and impact
    • Developing reports for grantees and programs that assess their impact

For more information, contact Tom Knowlton, Partner and Director of Corporate Services, to discuss program and grants management services for corporations.

In Practice

TCC Group has worked with ViiV Healthcare since its inception in 2009 to help them design, develop and manage several giving programs. Their signature HIV/AIDS program – the Positive Action Southern Initiative – particularly focuses on marginalized populations in the Southern US, providing strategic funding and evaluation, as well as networking and capacity-building opportunities, to organizations working on HIV/AIDS issues. TCC Group manages the grants process and both manages and facilitates the Network and Network activities for the Positive Action Southern Initiative; including developing the grants calendar, grants management and internal review, ongoing monitoring, Network Convenings, a webinar series, and ongoing project management. TCC Group also manages ViiV Healthcare’s Community Grants Program, which offers grants ranging from $5,000 to $1,000,000 to AIDS service organizations across the United States and Puerto Rico to support them in general operations, educational activities, and fundraising events. The full $4.5 million portfolio is operated in two cycles and totals around 70 grants on an annual basis.

TCC Group designed the First Annual Roslyn S. Jaffe Awards Program for the Ascena Retail Group and is now managing the program for the third year. From an initial application pool of several thousand, TCC narrows this women’s and youth empowerment award down to one winner, two runners up and five honorable mentions. Building this program from the ground up, TCC is responsible for the continuing strategic development of the model, outreach to women’s empowerment organizations, and all aspects of program implementation, including criteria development, scoring and review development and implementation, advisory board selection, and facilitation of review and selection meetings, in addition to program management and applicant coordination.

Monsanto’s foundation, the Monsanto Fund, retained TCC in early 2009 to assist with the development of their global contributions strategy, which included aligning corporate giving by the Monsanto Fund and the Monsanto business units, as well as creating an internal structure for the Fund to ensure the collaboration of 10 regions around the world. TCC is now assisting Monsanto with the development and strategic development of global nutrition program and advised Monsanto on the selection of a partner to assist with the implementation of their skills-based volunteer program.